IDP Desired State Demonstration

Put some restrictions on the desired state.


In this demonstration, IDP is used to calculate the necessary actions to reach a desired state.

To express constraints one can use:

indicating that pc1 has software packet s in the current state
indicating that pc1 has software packet s in the desired state
indicating that 2 software packets can not be installed on the same pc in the desired state
indicating that "s" is an antivirus software (predefined)

When the run button is pressed, a graph is presented to the user.

  • Yellow nodes represent software
  • White nodes represent computers
  • Green links represent newly installed software
  • Red links represent uninstalled software
  • Grey links represent installed software which does not change

There are 2 computers : PC1 and PC2.
There are 2 general software packets: Paint and Calculator
There are 3 antivirus software packets: AVG, Avast and Norton